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Strange!!! I have very interest question!!! super interest! I have 25 friends. And some people still waiting when i accept them to be my friends. But the main question. I just don't have anyone i can practice my Chinese! just don't have! i already wrote so many people so many stuffs like-let's try to talk by Skype, maybe we can help each others.. and other sentances iin the same way. Some of them... yea, great, gave me their MSM... but what next.. to make class is a so big deal.. looks like i wanna something more than practice Chinese. Or maybe i am so scared guy? I don't know.. But.. where are you.. all my 25 friends? where all those people who can help me to practice Chinese? Why you so like hide under your nickname and don't answer simple suggestions? Why did you agree to be my friends.. and then keep silence? or why you did sent me invitation...and again keep silence? I don't understand... i just simply don't understand.. already for several days try to find people talk chinese.... Seems.. mission imppossible!!!
Mar 13, 2010 3:44 PM
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skpe: foryou1437 I ve taught some foreign friends Chinese. Its not easy to teach Chinese ,but I will try my best .
March 14, 2010
I am Chinese, living in Shanghai. This is my skype account: cj5650. Let's practice.
March 14, 2010
Hello Vitaly13, This attitude occurs many times from people who ask for friendship and then seem just wanting to have more people on their friend's list. The strange thing is however, that you say all of your friends show the same attitude. Maybe you should keep looking for other friends and try to talk to them before adding them to see how serious they are about exchanging languages. Honestly , I encountered such members few times, but other members on the other hand were very keen to help me and improve their level as well. Maybe the time difference might be a problem as well, so you should consider setting appropriate times for meeting your Chinese partners. I hope this will help you find suitable partners for mutual benefit.
March 13, 2010
I do understand what kind of feeling you have, maybe that's a problem about "personality",so even such simple language lesson can be a big big deal in the end~If you do need to practice your Mandarin, maybe I can give you some the way its always good to learn more and hopefully it will become mission possible !!
January 12, 2013
Dear vitaly13, They are not hiding, or afraid of something more than practice Chinese. Don't mind it... The reason is that in China people learn English by remenbering the words and trying to make a whole sentence and write it down, or read an artical then answer questions about it. We are not usually speak English. When Chinese people say he want to learn English--It's means he know English little, and can't chat in English. They are afraid of speaking. But you want learn Chinese by talk in Chinese. You know why they are hiding. It's hard for you to write Chinese characters, but to teach you Chinese they should have a good hold on English. They are not so believe in theirselves...%>_<% 。。。
March 17, 2010
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