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Is this correct in Japanese? あんたの日本語の名前は何ですか? What is your Japanese name? im not very good with japanese grammar, please correctt if its wrong@ mitong_hk-tw...The reason I want to say what is your Japanese name is because when you ask Japanese people what is your name, they may well give you there English name, so then I would want to know what thier Japanese name is!!
Mar 14, 2010 12:33 PM
Answers · 2
The grammar is perfect :) It's not a really good idea to use "あんたの" to someone you just met. That's offending. As a practical matter, you can omit "your" and just say 「日本語のお名前は何ですか。」It's understood as "your Japanese name" unless there is any other context. If you are not sure whether they have a Japanese name or not, you can ask 「日本語のお名前はありますか。」(Do you have a Japanese name?).
March 15, 2010
If you speak in front of a Japanese person and using Japanese, then basically it makes no sense to emphasize the word "Japanese" = 日本語, isn't it? :) Also, for formal situations, "you" should be given as 貴方(あなた) rather than あんた. So for this case, I would use: 貴方(あなた)の お名前は 何ですか?; or お名前を 教(おし)えて下(くだ)さい。 [N.B. The prefix お (sometimes ご, with kanji = 御) in front of a noun indicates a respect towards the addressee.] On the other hand, if you speak to other foreigners who are also learning Japanese, then you may perhaps add the phrase 日本語(にほんご), and the given sample in your question is in general correct. それじゃ、頑張ってね。 P.S. [as to refer to the question supplement] Okay, to that extent, I would say that it is fine to add the phrase 日本語の before お名前 if you insist on knowing the Japanese name of the addressee. However, this unfortunately shows a sort of strange phenomenon: some people prefer to use a Christian name rather than their own name. For instance, if you were in Hong Kong (with a majority of Chinese) and you asked someone here for their name, you would hear them introduce themselves using a Christian name far more than their own Chinese name!
March 14, 2010
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