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Who can helps me to choose a boarding school in Britain? I want to go there at Semtember 2010.
Mar 15, 2010 1:14 PM
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hello , maybe it"s too late now , but there are a lot of schools who give summer courses everywhere around the world , yu just need to write britain summer schools in google , and check with every school's website the details necessary to join that school , it"s not so difficult , hope this will help
August 7, 2012
Hi... I think it is a really good idea! To me it is in fact the only way to improve your english for example... so Good luck!
March 15, 2010
Here is the website for British boarding schools The UK Boarding Schools Directory & Guide 2010 The definitive guide to uk boarding schools. Includes a directory, reviews, resources, league tables, rankings, discussions, fees, jobs and more. Directory - School Fees - Single-Sex or co-ed - School Reviews
March 15, 2010
Hi you are only 15 and that's young to be going away to a boarding school in another country.All boarding schools in Britain set their own fees, which are reviewed annually, and any increases implemented at the start of each academic year (from September). However some schools increase fees each January. Fees vary from school to school, as there is no governing body to determine what each school should charge. Generally schools charging higher fees offer better facilities or are more popular so can command higher fees, but this is not always the case. A school may be able to charge lower fees if it has large financial donations from parents, former pupils or other third parties. Some schools charge the same fees for all pupils, whilst others have a scale of fees depending on the age of the child, becoming progressively more expensive the older the child.
March 15, 2010
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