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hoe many characters are requiered in chinese maderine for everyday use?
Mar 15, 2010 10:19 PM
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香港教育署于2000年颁布的《常用字字形表》收录4,759字,适用于香港;1996年颁布的《常用国字标准字体》收录4,808字,适用于台湾;国家语言文字工作委员会于1988年颁布的《现代汉语常用字表》收录3,500字(2,500个常用字,1,000个次常用字),适用于中国大陆。 2007年中国语言生活状况报告里,在10.07亿汉字的语料上,进行汉字使用情况数据调查,结果为:595字数的覆盖率达到80%,964字数的覆盖率达到90%,2394字数的覆盖率达到99%。 山西大学计算机科学系受国家语言文字工作委员会委托,抽样统计200万字的材料,检测《现代汉语常用字表》收字的使用频率。结果是:2,500常用字覆盖率达97.97%,1,000次常用字覆盖率达1.51%,合计共3,500字覆盖率达99.48%。 这说明只需学习约3,500个字,已可以正常阅读中文。
March 17, 2010
I've heard that you need to know about 2000-3000 characters to read a newspaper. But to speak Chinese in everyday life, you don't really need to know any ;) There are a lot of foreigners in China who speak very well but can't read at all.
March 16, 2010
In PRC Standard, there are 2,500 characters used frequently in our daily life. (常用字) There are another 1,000 characters for extend. (次常用字) Totally, There are more than about 100,000 characters in Chinese.
March 16, 2010
Refers to the Chinese characters commonly used in frequently used Chinese characters, usually several thousand words。Mainland China: Modern Chinese characters commonly used in part of the characters commonly used in the table: 2,500 words
March 22, 2010
your situation is simily to our who learn english, in everyday life , the characters we will use are not many , which just like what you use in english..but i can get you,because the question waht you ask is my question about english aspect..
March 17, 2010
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