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sentence building hey, dear friends, do you think these sentences is right or not? The arrangement of the flowers in a traditional way is a very hard task for me. His apology did not come in time. well, an aditional sentence: arguing can not solve any problem or argument can not solve any problem, which is right?thanks a lot for your kind answers.But still i would like to ask: is "the aggranging of flowers "and the "the arrangement of flowers"are the same? and can we choose freely between verb+ing and the verbal noun?
Mar 16, 2010 2:02 AM
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1) Arranging flowers in the traditional manner is very difficult for me. // Flower arranging in the traditional style is very difficult for me. // I find traditional flower arrangements to be a very difficult task for me to do. (all of it sounds a bit awkward. Why not just say, I'm terrible at making traditional flower arrangements // I'm terrible at traditional flower arranging. ?) #2 is fine 3) We typically say: Arguing doesn't solve anything. Or you could say: This argument won't solve any problems. ===================== In answer to your additional question, it depends on whether there is both a noun form and a verb form of what you're trying to say. In normal life, most of us don't arrange flowers (or even talk about it) therefore that's sort of an odd verb choice + noun for us. Also, when choosing whether to use active verb (ing) or supplementary verb + noun really depends on what you're trying to say, ie what is the key point of the sentence. Do you want to tell us that you're actively doing something or do you want to focus on the object? Besides just constant immersion in the language, the only way you can really understand the best use is by increasing the amount of reading and listening you do of English. Over time you will develop a better ear for whether to use active tense verbs or verbal phrases. According to my high school English teacher, the best words to use are active verbs and very descriptive adjectives.
March 16, 2010
Hi. You could say 'the arranging of flowers...........................' Re the additional sentences: arguing can not solve any problem is ok but I'd say 'arguments can not solve any problems.'
March 16, 2010
Hi Johan, "Arrangement of the flowers" sounds a bit odd, probably because I see you mean traditional flower arrangement, but "the flowers" mean specific flowers - perhaps the ones you might be holding. Just cut out "the" in front of "flowers" and it looks better. I would actually suggest, "Traditional flower arrangement is very difficult for me." The second sentence is all OK. Being fussy, I'd use "arrive" instead of "come", only because it sounds more formal, and makes the rhythm and pronunciation of the sentence smoother. But what you have written is correct. :)
March 16, 2010
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