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Not like that
how can i say these in korean :D "go to the hell !" " you are not funny" thanks :)
2010年3月16日 18:44
Answers · 2
Hi Just thought "Go to hell" is very English way of putting a curse on someone. If you say the literal translation to a Korean person in practice, you'll be rather smocked. I'd say just "저리 꺼져", similar to *uck off. I know lots of swearing expressions including "creative" ones. So if you want to know something more, just shout out to me. ;) Ah, and another way of saying "You are not funny" is '안 웃겨'. Slang : '썰렁해' Hope it helps ;) *smocked → mocked
"go to the hell !" " you are not funny" ================ omg. lol. honey are you sure you would like to lean how to swear? well..I dont really teach how to swear but if you really want to, ok.. Go to hell! 지옥에나 가(버려)! or 지옥으로 꺼져(버려)! You are not funny. (너) 재미없어. well in this case, we can usually drop 'you' particulary in spoken Korean, but either way is fine. hahahahahah...I just tried to start this morning with fresh air, you made me so laughin out loud. hope it could be helpful anyhow. have a great day. :)
Not like that
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