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what is the modern equivalent of { back } ? it means (1) Dead; put on one's back. He wishes to have the senior, or old square-toes, backed; he longs to have his father on six men's shoulders; that is, carrying to the grave. (2) Having the specified backing. fabric-backed tape
16 mar 2010 20:25
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The modern equivalent slang would be "toes up" (the picture is obvious) or "pushing up daisies" (decomposing flesh makes plants grow). There are a number of other slang terms for this.
16 marzo 2010
Look for Monty Python's "Dead Parrot Sketch" for plenty of expressions for being dead. I'm not sure what you mean by 'back', by itself? It does turn up in a number of phrases and contexts, but the general meaning is either 'return to' (Jura's last 2 examples), or 'the part behind/hidden/opposite of front' (for example, physically one's back: spine, shoulderblades & all).
16 marzo 2010
Hi here are a few more with the word 'back' Back to where you belong Back Seat Driver: People who criticize from the sidelines, much like someone giving unwanted advice from the back seat of a vehicle to the driver. Back To Square One: Having to start all over again. Back To The Drawing Board: When an attempt fails and it's time to start all over
16 marzo 2010
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