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Adelus M
Anyone can help me about that, BLCU Beijing, what do you think? I wanna apply for one semester chinese program at any beijing university, i have chosen Beijing Language and Culture University, so what do you think? is it a good choices? can you suggest me any other universities?
17 Mar 2010 14:29
Answers · 3
if you only study Chinese language, BLCU is a good chioce,for it much more experience in teaching Chinese to foreign students; however, if you major other subjects, it's not a good choice. You may live in a foreign circle in BLUG, for most Chinese students think it is not a good university for them to study Chinese. other choices are Beijing university,Beijing Normal university and People's university of China(renmin university of China)
21 Mart 2010
more important is your major that you wanna choose, both of BLCU and Beijing Foreign Studies University are well choice, may be the BFSU is a little better than BLCU, i think
18 Mart 2010
In my opinion, you can choose Beijing(北京) or Shanghai(上海), for many English natives living there, you'll not feel lonely. And there the cultural environment and living facilities were developed, as well as you can speak English and the citizens will understand. Both Beijing and Shanghai have good education. Teachers and students there are conscientious in their work. If you have decided to choose Beijing--Beijing is a good choice, to learn Chinese culture, to know about Chinese people. But BLCU...I don't know much about BLCU...But it seems good in the introduction...My sister graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University. She has gone to Republic of Costa Rica. If it is necessary, I can ask her about the schools for you sometime.
17 Mart 2010
Adelus M
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