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Not love so much as eroticism was the enemy, inside marriage as well as outside it. Here is a sentence: "Not love so much as eroticism was the enemy, inside marriage as well as outside it." Here is my reading of the sentence: Both love and eroticism are enemies but love is more so then the other, be it inside or outside marriage. Just want to make sure i am reading it correctly, thanks. My understanding of this kind of negative constructs is kind of shaky. I would appreciate it a lot if you can shed some light on this for me, thanks.
Mar 17, 2010 8:05 PM
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Not love so much as eroticism was the enemy -> can be split into two sentences: Not love was the enemy. [Love was not the enemy] Eroticism was the enemy. In general Not A so much as B .... -> A is not true, B is true "He is not stupid so much as lazy" -> He is NOT stupid, but he IS lazy. [I sympathize with you - I'm trying to learn Chinese negatives. It's very confusing]
March 17, 2010
Hi there, it is always handy to include the rest of the paragraph otherwise just one sentence doesn't make sense. Your sentence is from George Orwell's 1984. In his futuristic novel, Orwell was commenting that The Party was trying to kill sexual attraction, or, if it could not be killed, then to distort it and dirty it. The aim of the Party was not merely to prevent men and women from forming loyalties which it might not be able to control. It's real, undeclared purpose was to remove all pleasure from the sexual act. Not love so much as eroticism was the enemy, inside marriage as well as outside it. All marriages between Party members had to be approved by a committeee appointed for the purpose, and - though the principle was never clearly stated - permission was always refused if the couple concerned gave the impression of being physically attracted to one another. Sexual intercourse was to be looked on as a slightly disgusting minor operation, like having an enema. This again was never put into plain words, but in an indirect way it was rubbed into every Party member from childhood onwards. There were even organizations such as the Junior Anti-Sex League, which advocated complete celibacy for both sexes.
March 17, 2010
Hello, Here it means eroticism was the enemy rather than love. Love was kind of accepted. So eroticism was the enemy inside and outside marriage.
March 17, 2010
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