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What new things have you learnt recently?
17 mar 2010 22:35
Answers · 5
I've learned how to operate the washing machine.
18 marca 2010
How to teach Business English!
18 marca 2010
i learn to commit my mistake and it feels good. cowboy...
18 marca 2010
Hi,Jura. Today I have learned about subjects in English which look plural but may be singular. Quite confusing,of course.;) For example, the word "Physics" is almost always a singular, as in a)"Physics was his field". But there are cases when it is plural. Like this.. b)"The physics of the device are sophisticated". More examples.. a)." Five boys are playing".(plural) b). " Five boys is not enough even for a scrub game".(singular) There are many,many more such words.My mind had been cluttered with grammatical principles and I had lost in the modern English rules. Hehe. ;)
18 marca 2010
A lot of English words, I am trying to classify them in order to memorize easily. I doubt if I have reached a plateau recently, though it's not that high.....I should back to the basis.
17 marca 2010
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