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whats the meaning of 'Забывай про него'? Hi / Привет! I'm trying to translate the song "Досчитай до ста" by t.A.T.u. At a certain point, they say: "Забывай про него". I think it means "Forget about him", is it correct? But "про"... I cannot find it in my dictionary. Is it a preposition? Thank you for your help Болшое спасибо!
Mar 18, 2010 6:53 AM
Answers · 3
Yes, you are right. Забывай is the imperative form of the verb "забывать" "Забывай про него" - forget about him. "Про" is a preposition that means the same as "о" - about.
March 18, 2010
Yes, "про" means "about": Я смотрю кино ПРО пингвинов - I'm watching the film ABOUT penguins
March 19, 2010
Hi. In concern of the point that you could not find the explanations for the preposition "про" from some dictionary, I would like to suggest you the multilingual online dictionary WordReference, available at: From there, you may see the explanations regarding the preposition "про": I expect that you are already aware of the fact that "про" takes on a substantive in accusative case, whereas "о" (as suggested by the other respondent Olga_L) requires a substantive in prepositional case. However, since in animated nouns/pronouns, their accusative declension is same as their genitive counterpart, and that for non-nominative cases of a third person singular/plural personal pronoun, an letter "н" is usually needed at its beginning when it is preceded by certain prepositions (for mainly pronunication purpose), and thus we have the declension "него́" in this case. Good day. / хоро́шего дня.
March 23, 2010
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