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Matt K.
Do you speak Mozambique? ;)))
18 mar 2010 17:22
Answers · 4
No, I speak Madagascar ;)
18 marca 2010
no, i speak spanish and a little english
19 marca 2010
Hi Matt, is this a trick question? There is no such thing as a Mozambique language, its official language is Portuguese. Here are some facts from Wikipedia: Mozambique is a multilingual country. A number of Bantu languages are indigenous to Mozambique. Portuguese, inherited from the colonial period, is the official language, and Mozambique is a full member of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. Ethnologue lists 43 languages spoken in the country. Accordinag to INE - Mozambique's National Institute for Statistics - Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in Mozambique: 39.6% of the national population and 72.4% of people living in urban areas are fluent in the language. Other widely spoken languages include Swahili, Makhuwa, Sena, Ndau, and Shangaan (Tsonga). Other indigenous languages of Mozambique include Lomwe, Makonde, Chopi, Chuwabu, Ronga, Kimwani, Zulu, and Tswa. Small communities of Arabs, Chinese, and Indians speak their own languages (Indians from Portuguese India speak any of the Portuguese Creoles of their origin) aside from Portuguese as their second language. Most educated Mozambicans speak English, which is used in schools and business as second or third language.
18 marca 2010
No, just English( native) and a little French.
18 marca 2010
Matt K.
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