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Was bedeutet"Reich der Mitte"? Ich weiß,dass das eine dumme Frage ist. Aber bei der Prüfung wissen wirklich wenige, wie man es genau ins Chinesische übersetzen kann. 中间的王国,中部帝国,中产阶级,中部地区,中原......Nur eine weiß das ein anderer Ruf von "China" ist. =.=#
27 feb 2008 10:11
Answers · 3
Reich = 国 (帝国) der Mitte = 中 So it literally means 中国. The normal term we (Western people) use is China, but sometimes we also use a more literal translation. Although that's merely used to spice up a text or when we're talking about ancient China. In Dutch we say "Rijk van het Midden" and it kinda looks like the German phrase, don't you think? Rijk = Reich, Mitte = Midden. Middle Kingdom. / Central Kingdom would be a literal English translation. Obviously the names are based on the fact that most countries thought that they were in the middle of the world. (And just look at maps of the world on different continents. In America the USA is in the middle, in Europe we put Europe in the middle and China puts China in the middle.)
27 februari 2008
"Reich der Mitte" heisst einfach "China"...中 = Mitte; 国 = Reich
1 maart 2008
Translate to German 中间的王国 or 中间王国 ? sound´s best for me ... I´m not sure about this ? 中国 will do for me
27 februari 2008
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