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Chinese+English=Chinglish? 聊聊中式英语Talk about the Chinglish.For example:long time no see (好久不见);We two,who and who(我们俩,谁跟谁);Heart flower angry open(心花怒放) ;Goo good Study,Day day up(好好学习,天天向上).
Feb 27, 2008 6:52 PM
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February 28, 2008
好久不见用英语怎么说啊. 我已经习惯说long time no see了。汗!
February 27, 2008
You know that famous description of a traffic accident: one car come, one car go, two car "peng peng", one car die.... speechless..... By far the funniest Chinglish I heard is this: You have seed, I'll give you some colour to see see.........
February 27, 2008
I've only heard of the -long time, no see- phrase because it's used quite often. I haven't heard about the other phrases in English though. Famous Chinglish is usually the stuff that appears on warning signs in China, such as "Please slip carefully!" and "Carefully fall into the water!". That stuff is really funny. Or a sign on a public toilet indicating that it's for men: "Maleman." 哈哈~
February 27, 2008
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