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Hello..Can you tell me any Chinese heavy metal band? Thanks!
28 فبراير 2008 05:27
Answers · 4
Classical Metal: 黑豹(无地自容),鲍家街43号(小鸟), Heavy Metal: 唐朝 (梦回唐朝,飞翔鸟)、超载(九片棱角的回忆)、 轮回(烽火扬州路) Pop Metal: 零点 (别误会) Death Metal: 血腥高潮 (谎言背后) Punk: 新裤子、地下婴儿、花儿…… my favourite band: 唐朝 Tang Dynasty ^^
28 فبراير 2008
冥界 the best death metal in china 幻世无双 orchestral power metal (maybe the only 1) 二手玫瑰 chinese-style rock (there is a kind of opera called 二人转) 崔健 the best rock star in china all the times 歇斯 one of the best metal guitar player in china 李延亮(超载) a second one...
7 مارس 2008
1 مارس 2008
No idea whether the following bands are heavier enough for you. 鲍家街43号 唐朝 {世纪末之梦} There is no need to download those, just listen to them online. It is very quick.
28 فبراير 2008
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