please rectify the mistake and unproper words in my essay... About PETS4 essay which is held by China Association of Education (I wrote) 3C1 As can be seen a boy runner looks very exciting and happy who is positive and outstanding.And he will pass the finish line immediately.In addition,we also can see clearly that there are two words”finishing ”and ”starting”pointing the same line,why?I think,the drawer want to convey a very profound topic of conversation---finishing is starting!In really,that is true. Our country---China had been making a very big pace in developing.We have accomplished in 2 decades as tremendous as what the developed countries likes America achieved in a century.But no one can deny that there is still a long way to go before our country became as prosperous and powerful as those industrialized countries.So the finishing is the starting means one part has finished as soos as following part will start.Step by step,day by day,our life will be improved,our country will be powerful and our society will make significant(epoch-making) progress during innumerable ”finishing and starting”. What is more,the ”finishing is starting ” makes me recollect a japanese athlete who won a long distant running match.When the reporter interviewed him.”I won the match because I have divided the journey(trip) into several sections that there are many “finishing and starting”before the race started.” He said :”So ,you know that it can turn the hopelessness into the many many small hopes ,which can stimulate me when I had reached each finishing of section.At a word,It does not make me feel tired as much as in regular case.” Finally,I think the “finishing is starting ” is not only a attitude about how to treat every progress,but also a good manner,which can bring many many new ways or sane points of view to us.It is very helpful for us in future that about life improving、country developing、human prospering and so on. That is purport of the picture,which is what the drawer want to demonstrate!
May 17, 2010 10:25 AM