What are difference between sentences ( I LOVE YOU <-=-=-> I LIKE YOU )? AND When do I use them?
May 17, 2010 11:04 PM
Answers · 3
Examples: I love you, will you marry me? I like you, let's have a coffee after the English lecture.
May 18, 2010
LOVE relates to the feelings of the heart - for example... you love your married her, you feel strongly about love her so you would say "I love you" to her. LIKE relates to friendship or enjoyment or good things...for example, I like chocolate chip cookies, I like horseriding...You are a good student/friend of mine, "I like you". LOVE = strong feeling LIKE = weaker feeling Nowadays, people can use either of them when talking with their friends...this is EXAGGERATION. They really really LIKE their friends - so they say "I LOVE YOU"! :)
May 17, 2010
there is a Big Difference in between I love u & i Like u ... u Can Like any one in this world i mean your friends your Parents your nearest & dearest all of them whom u need beside u ... now i love .. Love this a nice feelings of heart if u have true feelings for some one .only to that particular Person u can say " I LOVE YOU " this lovely word is only for a very special Person who can fill the blank & Necessary space in your life. u can Say to any One " I LIKE U " But u have to Some only " I LOVE YOU"...
December 4, 2010
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