Professor B
Are there other worlds like this one out there with people like us? No native speakers, please.Explain. No native speakers, please.
May 18, 2010 8:23 PM
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Again. Sorry my english.. i am a newbie. I hope yours understand me. Consider: Others forms of the life Knowledge above us. Not is human. Evidences that exists, and at same time does not exist. Many people mad for some reason... or without any reason.. for some a brainwashing.. hehe I think people talk too much about others forms of the life above us, and they forget of spiritual creatures, many people speak about these creatures too, often we ignore because it became trivial. But will is there a truth to it? This may be pure crazy.. or the "better way" to trick someone.. This "better way" could be or to deceive, to madness.. or to hide the true. The people really (they) see what they want see? They deceive themselves? if i (a creature et) wanted to cheat someone, how i would make? I would try to hide the true? Does the evidences tell us something? Not just say: I saw a green light last night across the sky.. hehe I think it. Hugs (Again. Someone may correct my text please, send a message for me or send email for [email protected] thank you)
May 19, 2010
Have you read something about astronomy like 'A Brief History of Time'? Something unproved, unsupported might provide you certain ideas though. Why 'no native speakers'? Haha you weird.
May 19, 2010
No, I don't think so. Planet Earth is the only place that support living creatures, like us.
May 19, 2010
Yeah, I think so,maybe there is a really ET living somewhere outside our planet,it's interesting!
May 19, 2010
Hello, Professor B I think we must resign ourselves to the fact, that there's billions upon billions galactics and stars in outer space. I'm not quite sure about the similarity of lifes with ours, but I'm a strong believer in extraterrestrial life. More then that, at times, I think we are ourselves, as species, once were cloned by a highly advanced civilization, but it wasn't too perfect idea.=) Rather a strange thought, huh?
May 18, 2010
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