How can I introduce myself to the interviewer?
May 20, 2010 8:38 AM
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Jackie, Hi. Good to meet you. You actually ask only about introductions. Anyway we offer other stuff. The link given is for job interviews. Is this for a job? I think introductions change with the purpose. The formatting on that page is strange & a little confusing. The page does have many good suggestions, however. It says things like maintain eye contact. This seems a culturally thing. Depends where you are. This is an interview in English? Actually, I hate "nice". It does not mean much. Some say "Pleased to meet you". If you think you need a solid introduction, maybe the piece after ..to meet you, I'm ..." is more important. I'm <name> ... <from school, background?> & I am so glad to have an interview. I have no such in-depth knowledge, but I have noticed some things. When interviewERS talk a lot, they seem happy. If you prepare & ask good questions, they talk & usually feel happy about talking with you. If the interviewer is a professional, he/she will see all you do & know what you are doing. Be yourself. If this is (job?) for you & you are enthusiastic for it (the job?), you are likely a good choice for the interviewer. If you have not done many interviews: Some interviewers will test you. If something seems to go wrong, it may be just to see how you react. React well. Cope well. A good interviewer will notice. Life is what happens while we plan other things. Working & living is about coping well. Plan well, but also cope well with how things actually go. I wish you all success.
May 22, 2010
Hi Jackie, this Itaki site will help you at interviews http://www.italki.com/knowledge/contribution-HOW+TO+SUCCEED+IN+JOB+INTERVIEWS.htm
May 22, 2010
Make sure you are standing. Look him/her in the eye and shake his/her hand firmly. Use the interviewer's surname (Mr. or Mrs. _____). Say "Hello, Mr. _____. Nice to meet you. I'm ______.
May 20, 2010
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