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how do you say "nice meeting you!" in spanish? waht about "pleased to meet you!"? muchos gracias!
2008년 3월 3일 오후 11:24
Answers · 4
hello, I m from spain, in spanish languaje you say: encantado (nice) or "encantado (if you are a boy) encantada (if you are a girl) de conocerte. But both phrases are more formal. Usually when you know someone you say: ¿Qué tal? in English I believe is How do you do?
2008년 3월 12일
compracido para encontrarle
2008년 3월 13일
nice meeting you!=¡encantado en conocerte! (present) pleased to meet you!(past)
2008년 3월 7일
Hello, Both sentences mean the same in Spanish -at least i believe that. A main difference -i think- is that the first one is more informal, you can use it with your friends or with well known people. The second one is more formal, expressing respect for the other person, like when you meet a person for the first time, for example. Regards. ;)
2008년 3월 6일
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