Best of three? B : People want to be left alone. A : You don't think I can do this job. B : No, I don't. A : I bet you I can recomend and sell a book to this bloke. B : Tenner. A : You're on. A : Hello...? C(ustomer) : Will you leave me alone?! I'm sick and tired of being hounded by salesmen!!!! I'm browsing, all right?!! Browsing!!!! At the end of it I might buy something, I might not!!!!! After C's finished yelling, A comes to B and says "Best of three?". What does this mean? Gee, why didn't I think of 삼세판? Thanks guys!
May 28, 2010 10:03 AM
Answers · 3
You play three times. Whoever wins the most (i.e. twice) is the winner.
May 28, 2010
Black Books! Hilarious scene. :D Exactly what Steven2 said: best of three attempts (ie. 2 successes). Manny (A) lost the original bet - if he attempts again, that will only put him at 50% success, so three attempts will put the odds in his favour, and technically Manny wins the ten pounds. He wants to write off his initial failure as a fluke.
May 28, 2010
"Best of three" is suggested because he lost the bet (bet of selling or not selling). To have a chance of winning the bet, a best of three attempts (2 or more of 3 wins) is suggested.
May 28, 2010
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