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if watching big bang theory is a good way to learn english?people say we can learn alot slang and easy words i
May 28, 2010 3:28 PM
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Watch, read and listen widely. It would be a mistake to think that one single TV show can give you a clear understanding of English! And a caveat: slang is always highly cultural and regional. It's not a fast-track to good English. And like XiaoHei says, slang is not universally understood. I still have to check the occasional Americanism I hear, and if I started using them I'd sound like an outsider to both Americans and Australians - even if both groups could understand the words I'm saying. If you want to use slang, limit it to your own English-speaking friends,and use it only after you hear them use it. :)
May 29, 2010
i know big bang theory but it's difficult to understand in my own language(not only for the words but also for the meaning and the speed), there is a lot of vocabulary that you don't use and then you improve words that are not necessary, really is not a good way to improve english, you can try with telefilm that you like in your language or you can listen on the websites the audio with the scripts
May 28, 2010
I don't watch the 'Big Bang Theory' sitcom, but I know for sure that learning slang words is not the appropriate approach to learning English. This is because, slang words are often understood by only a few people living in a particular region or area. For e.g. American Slang words might not be easily understood by English-speaking people living outside of America. Best way to improve your vocabulary is to read books :-) Cheers.
May 28, 2010
I've never really watched Big Bang theory, but if it has a lot of easy words and slang then you could if you really wanted too. It's true it would help, but if you don't know what the 'slang' is for then it might be hard :P
May 28, 2010
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