Any one can help me answer the entrepreneurship qustion? I really appriciate your help. 1. The entrepreneurial spirit is a contested concept. On the basis of class discussion and course material, present alternate interpretations of this concept and fully substantiate which you consider to be the most useful meaning of this concept within the contemporary South African context. (25 MARKS) 2. Few, if any definitions of entrepreneurship make direct reference to the legality of entrepreneurial behaviour. In your essay, you present an argument for or against this position by reflecting on the nature and tenor of entrepreneurship in post-apartheid South Africa. (25 MARKS) 3. Firkin’s model of entrepreneurial capital can be used as a device to develop better understandings of youth entrepreneurial success in South Africa. Critical assess this supposition. (25 MARKS) 4. E-Commerce has the potential to play a critical role as a growth and penetration strategy for South African SMMEs. Critically discuss this assertion from a resource-based perspective and with reference to the entrepreneurial value chain. (25 MARKS) 5. The very notion of entrepreneurship is often presented as a Western construct, which typically prescribes a specific entrepreneurial culture and value set and which in turn is often seen to run contrary to many indigenous cultures and values. Critically assess this sentiment based on your understanding of entrepreneurial culture and values (including indigenous entrepreneurship). (25 MARKS) 6. Critically evaluate the potential for community entrepreneurship in South Africa. Your answer should strongly reflect on the critical success factors needed for community entrepreneurship to thrive. (25 MARKS) *** END *** The questions are from past exam paper not this year.Amy, thank you for remaind me. but really? even for the past one. I didn't notice the ethical thing. do you know how to delete this question.
May 28, 2010 10:09 PM
Answers · 3
Hi, try to google each of these past exam questions, you might find examples of good answers to help you
May 29, 2010
Oh, if it's from a past exam, that's not bad. Sorry, I thought this was this year's exam.
May 30, 2010
Is this a test? We can't exactly answer your questions if it is. That would be pretty unethical.
May 28, 2010
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