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What are the use of "whereas", "therefore", "even though", "however" and "besides"?
May 29, 2010 5:17 AM
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'Whereas' means 'but': 'I'm right-handed whereas/while my brother is left-handed.' 'Therefore' means 'so' (we use them to express result): 'It hasn't rained for weeks. The earth is therefore dry.' 'Even though' and 'however' mean 'but': He's fit, even though (although) he's sixty. (even though is more emphatic than although) 'The fire destroyed much of the building. However/Nevertheless, only six people lost their lives.' 'Besides' means 'and': 'Besides will, there are other modal verbs which express the future.' = in additin to, apart from 'I don’t really want to go. Besides, it’s too late now.' = it is used for making an extra comment that adds to what you have just said
May 29, 2010
Actually I think an online dictionary with the translation of your first language just can perfectly help you out. Watch the property of the word after you get the basic meanings.
May 29, 2010
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