i could still remember my passed away grandpa told us...... can i say ' my passed away grandpa"
May 29, 2010 5:12 PM
Answers · 3
Here's a better way: "I could still remember what my late grandpa told us". Or "I could still remember what my grandpa, who as passed away, told us." Or "I could still remember the words of my grandpa, who has passed away."
May 29, 2010
The confusion is between active and passive voice - your grandfather passed away, ie. he did the action. So Mr Wright's "I could still remember what my grandpa, who has passed away, told us." is what you need. "Passed away grandpa" uses passive voice, ie. the action was received. Someone else passed your grandpa away. Sound weird? Yes it is!! If you use a past-tense verb in the adjective position, it is usually passive. Eg. the eaten lunch, the baked bread, the unemployed man... these all received the action; they didn't do the action.
May 30, 2010
Mr Wright is right!
May 30, 2010
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