How do you say "I missed you" in Thai?
Jun 1, 2010 4:13 AM
Answers · 3
Well, actually I think if you say "I missed you", it can be meant that you're not missing him/her right now, right ? But if you want to say 'I miss you' as the expression you can say: " Chan(for both male & female) / Phome(male only) + Kid-Thueng + Khun(formal) / Tur(Informal) " ฉัน/ผม + คิดถึง + คุณ/เธอ I hope this clears up your answer. Have a nice day! สวัสดีครับ
June 4, 2010
ที่รัก ฉัน(ผม)คิดถึงเธอ man:use ผม woman use: ฉัน
June 1, 2010
C̄hạn phlād khuṇ
June 1, 2010
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