what do you usually do when bored?
Jun 5, 2010 4:12 PM
Answers · 15
I go find an innocent soul to annoy ! =p
June 5, 2010
Each one of us is responsible for the condition we are in. I am never bored. Of course the emotion exists. It's easy to conquer; unlike fear, for example. But I understand you and would like to play with English now. You: "What do you usually do when bored?" Me: "What should you do when bored?" Me2 "How often do you get bored?" Good Q!
June 5, 2010
Boredom does not exist. it is just a state between disconcentration from one activity (even if mental) to concentration in another one. P.S. : Niji, would you please marry me? I swear you our house never will be boring for you!
June 5, 2010
reading .
June 5, 2010
Chat .. or go out with my friends ..
June 5, 2010
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