How would say small island in the sand in arabic? would the frist part be something like Qalil Jazira?
Jun 8, 2010 4:20 AM
Answers · 3
جزيرة صغيرة فى الصحراء او الرمال but i think u mean oasis so you will have to say واحة صغيرة فى الصحراء او الرمال
June 8, 2010
hey how an island and how it is be in the sand i know an island is a piece of land completely surrounded by water so an island in the sea, river or ocean anyway, Cherry's translation is correct.
June 8, 2010
Jazira Saghira Kalil means little saghir means small All together: "Gazira saghira fel remal" Notice: You mention the adjective ' saghira' after the noun!
June 8, 2010
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