test urselwhat does ur favorite music say about u? what type of music do u like? A country music B classical music C rock music D opera If you wanna know the result,please find it throught my essay "what kind of person are u?"
Jun 11, 2010 8:27 AM
Answers · 3
None of the above. I would like to know what type of person I am.
June 11, 2010
its depend on my mode but there's one music where my life reflecs on it. it's "till the end of time" by 2pac. Have you been addicted from the dark side somewhere where’s my chair sat when my heart die” (did you have a friend who teach you everything that you know. now when your time has ended he never showed up) and we both know we came from the same places money and fame made us changes places it could be a misery a hard time true friend afraid to ask… (you treat each other like brothers and now you been behind and cannot reached him cause his very high and different from you now and dont want to talk to you anymore) “Misery all I see that’s my mistake Coz in the hood true homiest made you feel good” (because you feel always alone and you think that your family hates you and friends only what you have) “Now who want to say I was right or wrong to live my life an outlaw all alone remain strong to this planet full of hatred” ( i try to live in a peaceful way but troubles always after me i must fight to survive even its hard) " At the end drinking henisee made by enemy envy me so call they easily eliminate me. fall to their knees and plead prety right to bleed while begging me to keep their feet" ( i trust people in the end they will turn their back on you.infront they smile on deep inside of it they hate you most and become my enemy and they ask for my forgiveness ) ” Remember me as an outkast outlaw until the day I see my casket Buried as G so whole world remember me… (if i am gone nobody want to remember me coz i am nothing ) cowboy...
June 11, 2010
I like rock music, so I guess you know what type of person I am. Right?
June 11, 2010
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