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Please can you tell me more about using 죠 to form questions? Please can you tell me more about using 죠 to form questions. Anything you can tell me will help, I believe its casual yes? Can I use it to form all questions or are there times I defaintly could not use it etc. When it is at the end of a sentance is it always a question or does it have other uses? Any simple examples would also help. This is a completly new word to me, I came across it in this sentance 어떻게 하죠?
Jun 13, 2010 11:39 PM
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It just so simple. '죠' is an abbreviation of '지요' 어떻게 하지요? -> 어떻게 하죠? 그냥 잊어야지요(abb. 잊어야 하지요) -> 그냥 잊어야죠 How to use and make a sentence * 가다 -> 가지요 -> 가죠! (Let's go) <- mostly used * 없다 -> 없지요 -> 그럴 일은 없죠? 그럼요. 그럴 일은 없죠 * 하다 -> 하지요 -> 하죠 / 서로 인사하시죠(존댓말: 인사 하시다) * 만나다(meet) -> 만나보다(try to meet) -> 만나보죠 '죠' is generally used as question in following cases. When you want express your will or to ask somebody's will. * (당신은) 택시(를) 탈 예정입니까? -> 택시 탈 것이지요? -> 택시 탈 거죠? 곧 돌아올 거죠? (<- 그는 곧 돌아올 것이다) / 내일 갈 거죠? / 어떻게 할 거죠?
June 14, 2010
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