Jun 14, 2010 7:42 AM
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日本人の友達はいますか?日本語で話す習慣があると良いかもしれません。 =) あとは日本語のテレビや映画を見たり・・ ^_^ I wish I could write all of this in Chinese, but I know only 谢谢, 加油, 早上好, 不要 and a few more words... 对不起~.. ;-( P.S. 订正 毎日勉強して日本語を話せるのがよくない → 毎日勉強しているけど、日本語をよく話せない (I can't speak Japanese very well even though I'm studying it every day.) sorry if it's not what you were saying.. ={
June 17, 2010
あせらずに、ゆっくり進んでいくのがいいと思います。 継続は力なり。続ける事が大事です。 learning foreign languages is not a short way, keeping it going is most important. look at me, I've been studying English more than 10 years, but still poor... take it easy!
June 14, 2010
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