Laura Middleton
Another nicht/kein question!! Hello I hope someone maybe able to help with (another!!) question. Which is the correct way to write the following sentence; ‘The man is not in the park’ 1. ‘Der Mann ist nicht im Park’ 2. Der Mann ist in kein Park The first sounds to me much more appropriate, but if I apply grammatical rules to it, ‘Park’ is a noun, then surely it would require ‘kein’ to negate it, as in the similar sentence; Der Mann liest keine Zeitung? Hope someone can maybe explain this to me???????? Thanks Laura
Jun 14, 2010 10:01 AM
Answers · 2
Hi Laura, this is a tricky problem, isn't it? 1. ‘Der Mann ist nicht im Park’ The man is not in the park. 2. Der Mann ist in kein Park. better: Der Mann ist in keinem Park. The man is in _no_ park. (we searched all four parks, and he is definitely in none of them/in no park). Think of it like this: Wo ist der Mann? - im Park Wo ist der Mann nicht? - nicht im Park Ist der Mann in einem Park? nein, in keinem Park, sondern in einem Café Der Mann liest keine Zeitung? ... sondern ein Buch It always depends what part is said no to: the acivity reading or the item newspaper, the activity being somewhere or the item park
June 14, 2010
Not at all! Der Mann inst nicht im Park. Kein = not a The difference is clearly obvious!
June 15, 2010
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