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Jada Chang
BLANK FILLING. Fill in each of the following blanks with ONE word. (I've found the original text, but 6 and 9 are different from it) Ninety-five percent of adult Americans sleep seven to eight hours a night. The rest seem to need more than nine hours, or get along nicely on __ 1__ six. What distinguishes the long and short sleepers __2__ the majority? To get some answers, psychologist Ernest Hartman in Boston arid New York papers for long and __3__ sleepers to engage in an eight-night "sleep-in" at Boston State Hospital's Sleep and Dream laboratory. His findings indicate that such people differ __ 4__ ordinary sleepers-and each other- not __ 5__ much physically as psychologically. Testing showed significant psychological __ 6__ between long and short sleepers. The shorts __7__ be emotionally stable. Their entire life-style __8__keeping busy and avoiding psychological problems __ 9__ facing them. They were also awakened seldom during the night and rose in the __10__ refreshed and ready to go.
Mar 6, 2008 5:59 AM
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1. just; 2. from; 3. short; 4. from; 5. so; 6. differences; 7. would; 8. requires; 9. or; 10. morning.
March 6, 2008
Jada Chang
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