Why is white wine is white wine? I'm not being rhetorical nor kidding. Isn't this word oxymoronic?Gee, I mean: Why white wine is 'white' wine?I certainly am, Mihaela. I've made too many fatal mistakes that make me feel bitter. Good, I'll just face it. Sorry for the confusion. My question was meant to be "Why is white wine named as such even though the content isn't actually white?" And I've already got good answers. Thanks a lot!(It struck me as something white-colored, like milk.)I really like your joke, Mihaela = ]This reminds me of my previous question about 'Red hair'. Thanks, Josep. Eventually I can stop being obsessed with it. =D
Jun 14, 2010 2:17 PM
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the use of color labels for natural products is due to cultural and costumary uses. (in hystorical perspective. Here in mediterranean area, where vineyard cultivation seems tobe originated, you'd see that the same kind of wine is referred to with a different color in different areas or countries. I mean at popular level. Of course if one is white is not called black in the next place, but green, white, light or red, black, earthen, may alternate.
June 14, 2010
You are a littele bit confuse...did you had some white wine ?? sorry just joking :D Is not a rhetorical question because the answer of your question is not `` the white wine is white because is white `` and just because the grapes were white . And also it can not be a oxymoronic word either because you do not have any contradictory terms .
June 14, 2010
White wine isn't really white, but it is made from grapes that are not made from dark grapes. That is all.
June 14, 2010
Why is white wine 'white'? It isn't an oxymoron. However, it is called 'white wine' because it is made from white grapes (grapes with light-colored skins: yellow, green...) and the wine produced is also light-colored as opposed to the red wine which is made from red grapes.
June 14, 2010
Why is white wine 'white'? Grapes with paler shades (often referred to as white grapes) such as yellow, green or even light pink hues make white wine
June 14, 2010
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