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Do you like playing soccer?Which pair of soccer boots do you like best? which boots do you usually put on?
6 มี.ค. 2008 เวลา 15:15
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I used to play with Adidas on normal football fields but I always played with Nike on small fields near my house. Because at least to me the Nike boots felt better when doing tricks etc and the Adidas boots were better w.r.t. shooting and "quality". Some of my teammates had Nike shoes but they always had problems with the stitching of the boots after a while. The vapors are especially vulnerable to that kind of stuff. The best boot overall though, in my opinion, is the Nike Tiempo. It's not too expensive and it's just a basic, solid type of boot. Of course you can buy the fancy ones with Ronaldinho stitching but the normal ones are perfect already. If I ever had to pick a boot again, I'd go for that one without even thinking about it. :P
6 มีนาคม 2008
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