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Should boys and girls go to a separate school?
Jun 20, 2010 6:54 PM
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nope. they shouldn't. the earlier girls and boys learn how to work together the better. i went to an all girls highschool and there weren't even boys my age in my family. going to my school was fun alright, but afterwards it took quite some time getting used to guys as co-workers and co-students.
June 21, 2010
we live in an east society , some people prefer to make their children go to a school for boys or girls only but i disagree with them , researches siad that the results of schools that mixing boys and girls are so high than sepreat schools . i go to a mixing school and i donot have preoblem at all . we can communicate with others in a polite way in the attending of teachers . but in sepreat schools you can notice that they have little problems in communiction with others. also in mixing schools you can see competing between boys and girls to see who is the best girls or boys.
June 21, 2010
Theoretically boys and girls should learn together. As a teacher for many years I find that my time in class is taken up with boys' discipline issues. Girls achieve more in single sex schools, whereas boys do better in co-ed schools.
June 20, 2010
I understand what simi63 is saying and I think she has made a good point. I also think that parents, with consultation of their child's teachers, might make a decision to send their child to a sex-segregated school if needed. Some girls become inhibited around boys during adolescence and only excel when put into an all girl class. Perhaps this is the same for boys too. I don't know. Also, quite frankly, some teachers favor the boys or men in a coeducational situation by calling on them more, having higher expectations, and this is communicated in their behavior toward the students. Things are changing in the U.S. but when I was a girl, sometimes we were meant to feel less than the boys in academics, sports, everything.
June 20, 2010
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