What do you think are the ten most important Portuguese words? If a person could only learn ten words in your language, what should they be? Si alguem somente podería aprender dez palavras em Português, quais palavras devem ser?Addendum: why does the word "paralelepípido" keep coming up? That's the second time it's been mentioned to me this week as a word I should know how to say. Isn't that a brick of some sort? LOL
Jun 21, 2010 10:46 PM
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You can join in with ANY conversation with only three words uttered at intervals... é mesmo? Nossa (said "NOOOOoosssssSSa! ;)) é verdade?! This is what I used to do when I first got to Brazil and it was impossible to understand anything - people thought it was hilarious because it's easy to understand where to put them and it looks like you understand everything hehe... but really (from a Brit who feels uncomfortable not being polite) 1 obrigada/o 2 por favor 3 posso ajudar? 4 tudo bem? 5 muito 6 pequeno (not porquinho - which I constantly say instead grrr!) 7 tchau/fica com Deus/vá com Deus (depending) 8 desculpa 9 agora 10 vamos
June 22, 2010
Pergunta dificil!!!! bem, vamos la: 1. me 2. ajude (help me) 3. so (just) 4. sei (know) 5. dez (ten) 6. palavras (words) 7. na (in) 8. sua (your) 9. lingua (language) 10. obrigado (thank you) I`m just kidding, now, my true opinion: 1. Amar 2. comer 3. beber 4. perdoar 5. trabalhar 6. felicidade 7. saudade 8. paz 9. saude 10. obrigado
June 23, 2010
paralelepípedo: I should have included it as one of my ten words too ooops! heheh... very interesting word! It actually means a solid shape that is rectangular or street paving. However, it is also used as a tongue twister here and is the usual test that foreigners are given for pronunciation practice. (I remember this word because for some reason, I managed to pronounce it correctly the first time someone said it to me. It was probably a total fluke but the look on the person's face was priceless! :))
June 24, 2010
1. Integridade 2. Dignidade 3. Amor 4. Respeito 5. Perdão 6. Obrigado 7. Por favor 8. De nada 9. Vida 10. Razão Paulo's opinion is better ^^ hehehehe
June 22, 2010
Here are some helpful very common words: 1 - Por favor (please); 2 - Obrigado (thank you - male) / Obrigada (thank you - female); 3 - Sim (yes); 4 - Não (no); 5 - Ajuda (help); 6 - Como? (how?); 7 - Comida (food); 8 - Bebida (drink); 9 - Trabalho (work); e 10 - Dinheiro (money). Here are some unusual words, but interesting in pronunciation: 1 - Constitucionalidade (constitutionality); 2 - Esdrúxulo (freak); 3 - Paralelepípedo (parallelepiped); 4 - Ornitorrinco (ornithorhyncus); 5 - Balbúrdia (bedlam); 6 - Urucubaca (whammy); 7 - Onomatopeia (onomatopoeia); 8 - Maximização (maximization); 9 - Sonoridade (sonority); e 10 - Bênçãos (blessings).
June 26, 2010
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