Could somone please translate this for me (じゃあ、久々に生ツイッターしますかー。したい人!!!?)? Its part of a conversation i was having with a Japanese friend, My Japanese is'nt great so i don't always understand well ^^;; any help is greatly appreciated .
Jun 21, 2010 11:37 PM
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Okay.. I'm nor great with casual, slangy Japanese.... but.... Here's a word-by-word breakdown (It helps me sort things out!): じゃあ means "then", or "so". 久々 means "(in a) long time; long time (ago); while (ago); long ago; long while (ago); (in a) long while", etc. (に is a pesky little particle...) 生 means "life/live", or "pure, raw", etc, or "innocent; naive; unsophisticated", etc. ツイッター means "Twitter". しますか? is します (polite form of suru (to do) plus か (question marker). The macron ("ー") after the か confuses me a little.... したい means "wants to"... In Japanese, "wanting" is expressed with adjectives.... how strange! (to English-speakers, at least!) 人 is "person". So, a translation (not a great one, sorry.... I'm so much better with grammatical questions! ^-^*) could be: So, (or "then,") would you like to live Twitter after a while? ("Live" as in the adjective, not the verb!) If you want to!!!? (or, "the person who would like to do"... which doesn't really make much sense.... ^-^*)... I'm pretty sure that they are asking if you want to Twitter.... (I think!) But, some parts of the conversation could mean different things depending on the person you're talking to... Like, where are they from? Where are they living now? About how old are they? Are they male or female? A 35 y.o. male from Hokkaido or Kansai sounds way different from a teenage to twenty o.y. female in Tokyo. ~Megumi
June 22, 2010
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