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alone me myself wandered alone on the street . tried to close my eyes and walk and walk my own world cuz i think if i closed then i cannot to see ...but suddenly .......suddenly .......now i don't know ,.and don't wanna say anything .just smile ,.cuz somepeople with me .i don't need afraid .........don't need .somepeople with me . 错的地方希望可以得到改正,谢谢 我来说一下英文吧;当我独自走在街道上,我尝试去闭上眼睛,因为我想如果我闭上眼睛我就可以看不见这些了,然后闭着眼睛一直走一直走看,但是,突然,突然 现在我不知道,也不想再去说什么,不管怎样有些人一直在陪着我,我应该要微笑,睁开眼睛,有些人在陪着我,不用害怕,。
Jun 24, 2010 9:29 AM
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I wandered alone on the street, tried to close my eyes and walk and walk in my own world because I thought if I closed them/my eyes then I would not be able to see/I couldn’t see...but suddenly .......suddenly .......now I don't know and don't want to say anything, just smile, because some people are with me and I don't need to be afraid .........
June 24, 2010
nice book
June 24, 2010
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