How could I express myself in a few words or with a terse statement? The situation: I've got a limited time to arrange some affairs, and at the point when I supposed to be finished with - I'm failed. Thanks a lot. .I guess somebody miss the topic...haha@Nanren888 With all due respect, please, don't pay attention to the Wozitoyas' posting. He has committed a grievous error by swapping subjects of the two quite different topics and made a mess. =) Doesn't matter, it happens.Okay.The Wozitoyas' answer counts here a hundred per cent as a perfect example of the terse English. @Muriel de France. Excellent.Thanks. @Tereza. What could I say more? Superb! Thanks again to you'll.
Jun 25, 2010 1:34 PM
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If I understand correctly, the questions is how to "tersely" rephrase the sentence: "I've got a limited time to arrange some affairs, and at the point when I supposed to be finished with - I'm failed." I would simply say, "Failed to do it in time." Here I deliberately did not place "I" before "Failed." In most situations the "I" would be grammatically "understood." "Failed to do it in time." would be a "terse way of responding" to someone who wants an explanation for why, how, or other details about your failure to complete certain task(s) within a specific period of time. And by responding so tersely, you would be implicitly cutting off all further discussion of the matter. The usual reason for a "terse" reply (unless you are otherwise distracted or just plain rude) is to let your interlocutor know you wish no further discussion on the topic. Did I understand your question??
June 26, 2010
To all At Italki, it has been happened that some people who attempted to make the incorrected answer correct answer and the corrected answer incorrect answer, In Nanren888's answer, he claimed that he is intending to mislead the readers with low English. Nanren888, he is using the logic A connect to B and B connected to C to indicate that he is a logically thinking person. He is using Wozitoya as an example to code the meaning of "terse". When the single word " Thanks" is tersed, the foreseeable result is blank. Logically, he is telling us the answer have to leave it blank. I am low at English, but Nanren888 have given us a lesson in logic on how to think in a logical way. His wording " low English" are refering to us, the readers. In his logic, those people who are low in English should leave this question blank. Additionally, he claimed that he had answered the question and expected others to leave it blank. He implies that he is the only one in the world understand the English. If you think logically, what does the low English means to you in Nanren888's statement. In his profile, he wrote " I'm China + 4 hours", A person who wrote in such English, would you believe he has the capability to judge others. Note: It is a logic analyses, no offensive words are used. " in such English" it can be interpreted as in such good English, a compliment to Mr. Nanren888.
June 26, 2010
With all due respect, please PAY attention to the Wozitoyas' posting. Wozitoya is giving you an EXAMPLE!!! From this example you can get answers to your question. ---To all--- So let us be terse. Say essentials. Leave non-essentials out. Add adjectives, not whole sentences. Read twice. Your first reading may be wrong. Read twice before writing. Terse, but true. Please don't vote for this answer. At the time I write this, the personal stuff below by Jessica is offensive & incorrect. I don't need more.
June 26, 2010
Two topics in a question. I see. "please", "Thanks" & "you might" are used a lot. To be terse, maybe leave these out. "Leave out" is blank, Nanren888 is advising us, don't answer this question. If it is not what he meant! what is his answer in corresponding to the asker's question. Wozitoya and Buriel de France are not the askers. I just want to make sure what the question is asked and why Nanren888 wants us to leave it blank.
June 26, 2010
Hi Alex, You might say something like "I failed at the last minute" or "the hourglass ran out". Best regards, Muriel
June 25, 2010
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