Do you believe in... numerology? What do you think about it? Have you experienced something related with it? Do you believe in others mystical or esoteric systems? P.D. This is not strictly related with Learning a Language. Though, I think it is a good topic to talk about. Sorry. P.D (the same as P.S. but in Spanish)
Jun 26, 2010 4:37 AM
Answers · 13
Although I place no faith on gods,I think I still remain some fate thought in my soul.Yes!I believe in numerology in some way,but I know I'm old enough to handle and control it in another way.
June 26, 2010
I never tried and I don't believe in this kind of things.
July 1, 2010
I don't believe in it
June 28, 2010
I don't thind I can say I believe in some mystical or esoteric systems, but I really have expericed some kind of things that just can't be explained by reason...
June 28, 2010
I don't believe in Satan's created systems.
June 26, 2010
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