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I want to find a chinese online game to play , it must be free and can let UK people play it.. thanks edit I mean it must be multiplayer with other chinese play
Jun 27, 2010 10:26 PM
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QQ game QQ is a instant messaging service,just like msn, skype.......and it has many games you can play with others, QQ is not only used in China, but other countries,of course it's free! Good luck!
June 28, 2010
October 21, 2010
I guess the reason you want to play a Chinese online game is to estabish a connect with chinese peaple,Since you can speak chinese smoothly,I think you may acquire a quite good level of Chinese.But it may turn out to be a bit confusing for you.In fact,I'm a girl who are addict to this kind of game.It's the interaction that attract me the most,and it's a funny thing to chat with others while killing the monsters and appreciate the delicate sceneries in the 3D world,but the players in the game usually won't pay much attention to the correct use of words since they can be recognised by others even though many errors are involved.Besides,the abbreviation terms which can be understood only by the practice players will be a obstacle for you. If these still can't stop your desire for a Chinese online game,then the game ZHUXIAN 2 will be a good choice for you.It has the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in virtual world except WOW,and many activities that make me can't help staying in the game all the time.What's more,a gang of friends always making fun of each other also add up to my happiness every day. Here's more details of ZHUXIAN,it has different species(or I should use race?),each of them has unique skills.The game nearly has everything that you can find in WOW. If you has any interest,maybe I can be your guide in it.But It's a pity that I have to cut my contact with ZHUXIAN now because the final exams are coming,so I can't give you any replies until 7,16.Maybe we can play together at that time! O(∩_∩)O~
June 30, 2010
QQ game or World Of Warcraft.. QQ is famous in china, it have lots simple game , many chinese like to play them. if u like more exciting one--World Of Warcraft
June 29, 2010
Hi,you mean chinese character game? or CS game? Dedicated: http://www.dragonwise.hku.hk/dragon2/lookword_all/lookword_cat11.html Edit: Oh, I misunderstand you, Online game I would like to play 跑跑卡丁车( Paopaokading car). It is easy to control that is why I liked it,My acount is "pizzaboi".And I don't know too much games, Because I am not good at playing game. Ha! Mostly chinese game they sale on America too.
June 28, 2010
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