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anybody would explain me how to use "such"?
Mar 8, 2008 5:49 AM
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Other meanings of such : - Of a degree or quality indicated: Their anxiety was such that they could not sleep . - Of a kind specified or implied: a boy such as yourself. - To so extreme a degree; so: such beautiful flowers; such a funny boy. - Very; especially: He has been in such poor health lately. - Itself alone or within itself: Money as such will seldom bring total happiness. - similar things or people; the like: pins, needles, and such.
March 8, 2008
The word "such" is normally used to express what something is like, or to express the type of thing it is. Here are a few examples. "A man such as he" = A man like him. A man of the same type. "Why have there been such problems?" = Why have there been problems like this? Why have there been problems to this extent? "That's such a difficult question." = That question really is difficult. (It might help if you think about it like this: Some questions belong to the category "easy" and some questions belong to the category "difficult" - that particular question clearly belongs to the category "difficult".) "Why are you making such a fuss?" = Why are you making a fuss of this type? Why are you fussing to such an extent? "There were plates, knives, forks, and other such things" = There were plates, knives, forks, and other things similar to that. (Sometimes people use the word "suchlike": "There were plates, knives, forks, and suchlike.") "The rain was such that I couldn't go out." = It rained enough to stop me from going out. The rain that fell was of particularly strong and heavy type.
March 8, 2008
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