where's the land of dreams ?who travels in the blue ?
Dec 17, 2007 2:17 AM
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Its an interesting question. I think the land of dreams lies within. I have always been one who personally believes happiness comes from within and not from without. A big screen tv will temporarily bring you happiness, but eventually there's a bigger better big screen tv or your big screen tv's bulb burns out. Similar, you can spend your life chasing antique cars. It will bring you temporarily happiness like when you buy the new car but not while working to pay for it :) Wouldn't the land of dreams to be waking up in the morning and feeling happy? not rushed? looking forward to spending the morning with family/friends and then going to a job you enjoy doing rather than one you don't enjoy doing but pays well? To return home to a rewarding life knowing today you did a job well done? I think to me, that's the land of dreams. However, I am sucker who dislikes my job sometimes ;) but it pays well. I also have a big screen tv and all the eletronic toys :$:D so who am I to talk?
December 17, 2007
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