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How to improve my oral ability? Hope italki do me a favor. English-speaking Guys, let's get progress together if I c
Dec 17, 2007 7:15 AM
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Hey Jerry, Try to connect up with people and use Skype, MSN or the webchat to talk with someone from an English-speaking country. I'd say improving your oral ability is probably just a matter of having the confidence to speak and having enough time to practice. Good luck finding a partner!
December 18, 2007
i can advice you only 2 ways to practice your speaking ability: first one is really obvious - speak... get yourself an english-speaking partner and speak-chat using skype/msn (whatever you like more).. but of course if you get yourself a daily partner to speak with it is much better second one is not that helpful comparing to first one, but it also helps (worked for me) - watch english movies with original audio track + english subtitles... that would help you to train your ear to understand words from what your partner is saying if he speaks fast... good choice is to watch oscar-having movies and popular serials (eg prison break, lost, etc..) - it is interesting to watch them + you have your benefits as language learner :D
December 27, 2007
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