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Is it possible to improve English with talking only to pretty girls with webcam and no studying? It seems like every question in here is like that. How about I ask one too. :) 笑える!
Mar 10, 2008 5:04 PM
Answers · 5
Hahahaha! Funny guy ~
March 17, 2008
first of all ,pretty girl spealk good chinese too, girl or boys ,pretty or not ,is nothing about language second, look at a pretty face, could increase your enkephalin, and it could make your study easiey. believe or not, good looking guy always easy to get friend and opportunity
March 17, 2008
Don't you think it's a really good motivation? :D
March 13, 2008
i dont think thats the better way to learn, but if you want to try i can't say you that's not rigth, becouse you must use the resources you have... so...
March 11, 2008
ha ha, no. What if, in your lack of study, you said something offensive to her? Recipe for disaster! But yeah, it seems like a lot of people on here think they can get by like that...
March 10, 2008
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