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How can I get immersed in the foreign society easily when I have poor language skill? I've been dozen countries by business trip, but I haven't felt as I do before. Now I live in the US as a foreign student and am astonished how americans treat me as an unwelcomed immigrant not as a guest which I think I am. Am I too defensive? I am stuck in the situation where I don't feel like to get immersed in this neighborhood. They simply don't understand that I can't speak english as fluently as they can. How could I solve my problem? Should I be more aggressive in learning the language?
Mar 11, 2008 5:14 AM
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안녕하세요 ^^ As you know... there are many types of people. Not everyone is nice, but at the same time... not everyone is bad. So far, I noticed that every Korean I have met felt happy when I said that I'm learning Korean. 걱정 마세요 ... there are some people who would be racist, or like Mytch said... maybe some of them are not patient and do not want to take the time to understand someone who cant speak their own language. I understand how you feel..... I would be upset if I went to South Korea and was ignored or treated badly. Are you in an ESL class? You have been in the US for a couple of months now... 네? Do you have any friends there who speak English? If so, than spending time with them will help you. You can buy a newspaper and see if there are any events going on in your area, and go there and try to have fun. It helps if you have someone there with you. I have one advice for you...... if you like the language, then learning it will be easy. Do not learn it just to have people accept you, because they are not worth it. So do your best.... and 걱정 마세요 :)
March 19, 2008
just give your most handsome smile....=)just joking! don't stress k.....
March 11, 2008
Some people aren't very patient with people who don't have English as their native language. I'm sorry people treat you that way, it's unfortunate. I don't know about being more aggressive, but being persistent is key. Don't give up and don't shy away from situations that will require you to use English, as every bit of experience you can get is worth it. When you're talking in English, be sure to listen actively and if you can, try not to translate words in your head, to become fluent you have to be able to accept the word's meanings without translating them.
March 11, 2008
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