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Your childhood, listening to children's songs? Through children's understanding of your country。 Understand my country. :)Arouse fond memories of childhood.
Mar 12, 2008 5:51 PM
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Yes, i learn our national language (Malay) and English using children's songs and i remember some of it until now and wht's more, we pass it to our younger generations. "Tepuk amai2 belalang kupu2, tepuk adik pandai, emak upah susu"..:)
March 13, 2008
“小兔子乖乖, 把门儿开开, 妈妈回来了, 妈妈回来了!” 小时候, 妈妈唱一遍歌, 小孩吃一口饭.
March 13, 2008
When i was small, my sisters used to sing me a song about a donkey. I loved it because they made the sound of a donkey braying, "heehaw. heehaw. heehaw, heehaw, heehaw..."
March 12, 2008
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