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How is 让 in this sentence to be understood? I read this sentence somewhere:


From the context, I guess this means something like "How can I accept the world like this?", but I don't really understand the grammar here. Is 让 functioning like the passive 被?
Nov 22, 2007 11:11 AM
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No it's not 被 constructed sentence....the 让 means to allow, or let. Your translation is correct but think of it in terms of how can I let myself accept this world. Even though that's not the best translation but it shows the 让 in the sentence.
November 23, 2007
The usage is very common. 令, 叫 and 教 may also take the place of 让I don't really know how to translate it but these are extracted from my blog - 酒店里有一个很美丽很美丽很美丽的花园,教人好高兴。 那场全祼厮杀戏完全不能激起任何遐想,可是惨烈程度却让人几乎不忍目睹。 真让人同情。 那餐厅叫Santa Croce,改这样的名字怎不教人想起威尼斯呢 这,真是教人如何是好呢? 简直是教人倒抽一口凉气的不解之谜。
November 23, 2007
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