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For Spanish speakers in Latin America... Are Latin American Spanish speakers able to understand the accents that Spain speakers have when they talk? Particularly the Bacelona and Castilian accent with the 'th','z/c/s', etc...?
14 mars 2008 07:09
Answers · 3
we could understand each other but spain people they don't like it. Bus it's almost the same
19 mars 2008
yes of course it's the same that happens with American, Australian and British people, they talk English with different accents but they can understand each other. We have some slang problems but everything is ok... and believe me, i live in Uruguay (yes yes a country in latin america) and my cousin is married with a woman form barcelona and when they come here, i can understand what she says
23 mars 2008
Just like when Australians and Americans talk, we also understand each other, though some slang terms and accents may lead to confusion, or some hilarious situations. For us, Latin americans, when an spaniard says '200', he means "doscientos" (two hundred), but we latins may hear: "Dozientosh" :) Please note that the Z in spanish is with the tongue tip out of the teeth, not like the english soft 'S'.
19 mars 2008
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